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Phan Sinh Shelter

Phan Sinh Shelter

[Update: Phan Sinh has now grown in 2016 to 120 residents – 80 children and 40 elders]

Phan Sinh Shelter shelter was established in 1998 at a town called Trảng Bom, Đồng Nai province in Vietnam. It still has no official private or public sponsors, but houses 8 adults and 26 orphans. Among them, 20 are severely disabled. In addition, there are 12 mute children who seek a living on their own but also frequent the shelter when conditions are particularly severe. To make their ends meet everyday, the inmates collect food scraps from the market place in the morning and beg for left-overs at restaurants and local religious establishments and societies in the afternoon.

The collected items would be sorted with the most edible scraps going to the children, the rest used to feed a few pigs and chicken that are raised for supplement at the shelter. Meager funds are made at times from selling hand-made crafts from the children. Aside from food and daily requirements,access to medicine is a serious concern. With a monthly expense of $1300, the shelter has essentially survived on a rotating loan secure by the founders.

For images of Phan Sinh Shelter, please visit their website at http://maiamphansinh.com/home/category/hinh-anh-clip/