One More Step is a group of young people in Canada and Viet Nam who have a connection to the Thien Binh and Nam Hung orphanages near Saigon. About 170 children live at these orphanages.

Through intimate knowledge of these two orphanages, we became aware of the specific needs of poor and neglected children living not just in orphanages but in penurious conditions throughout Vietnam. Though originally conceived to help orphans, we have extended our networks and our mission to help create sustainable socio-economic development and to improve access to health and education of underprivileged children in impoverished and remote regions of Vietnam by means of financial, material and medical assistance. The mean by which we attain this goal is through targeted aids and products, oftentimes specifically requested by our contacts in these regions. One More Step further distinguished itself amongst similar organizations in our frugal cost structure. As project last year indicates, members often absorb miscellaneous charges to ensure maximum delivery of donor contribution. We intend to maintain this tradition.

Our name comes from a once famous french novel Sans Famille by Hector Malot. It describes an orphan being bought from his foster parents by an old, but kind and poor wandering showman. The boy was forced by circumstances to learn the trade and it was his destiny to wander with the old man from city to city performing on the streets for sporadic fees.

The story describes the ordeals of surviving in the street, of living in dire poverty, of being weighed down by fatigue, hunger and homelessness. And in these moments of intense suffering, when the company’s will seemed to waned to the edge in a way that was nearly incapacitating, their master would gather the courage to urge them on…,
“Just one more step…”

We are looking for one more donor, just one more act of kindness, as any development always begins and move forward with just one more step. The orphans we are here to help are taking one more step, so let’s take ours.