At OneMoreStep, we believe that all children deserve a chance for success, and should wear a smile during the Holidays. That’s why we’re asking for your support again in this, our 11th year of gift giving… Because small acts of kindness can go a long away, and they have, thanks to your kindness and contributions.

This is the 6th year of our Scholarship Program. Your donations towards these Scholarships go a very long way in Vietnam, and over the years have provided the gift of dozens of completed post-secondary educations! We’re proud of the success of these students.

OneMoreStep is asking for your help by purchasing gifts for the children living in several orphanges in Vietnam and youth from the marginalized Central Highlands region working hard to pursue an education in the City.

Please help us further by spreading the word to your friends, coleagues and family, by email, Facebook, and word of mouth.

You can contact us at: or by leaving a comment on Facebook.

Thanks again for your support,

– The OneMoreStep team