Who We Are

Who We Are

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OneMoreStep was conceived as a one time project to bring unexpected smiles to the faces of orphans in different parts of Vietnam. Over the past 10 years (2008-2017) the project’s impact and reach has grown thanks to our patrons and donors who have supported our cause and have been involved with the fate of these hapless children. Run entirely by a team of volunteers in Canada and Vietnam, OneMoreStep is proud to state that 100% of donations collected go to the programs and 0% in salaries or for fund raising.
[ “OneMoreStep Relief International” is registered as a not for profit in Ontario, Canada ]

Why Viet Nam ?

Viet Nam continues to face multiple ongoing crises as a developing nation: food shortages, income inequality, lack of education and is often at the mercy of nature with frequent flooding caused by the increased strength and occurence of typhoons. While many young people in Canada take luxuries like computers, cars and cell phones for granted, these kids continue to languish in abject poverty and are still looking for the basics.

Our Annual Gift Drive

Each year, our team members reach out to the orphanages in Viet Nam and collect a wishlist of necessities and requests that will greatly improve the well being of the children. Then the team in Canada creates an online shopping catalogue of items that donors can buy online. Then, our team members in Vietnam purchase all the requested items, sort, package and load all of them into a large bus and embark on a cross country trip to deliver the supplies to the orphanages throughout Vietnam. Donors and patrons can follow the progress of the gift drive through our social media posts, photos and videos. Here are pictures from the past year’s drives.

Purchasing an item from One More Step’s online catalogue ensures that money for those items will be sent directly to Viet Nam where supplies will be purchased directly for the orphanages and shelters that we support. Your Canadian dollars go a long way in Viet Nam (1 CAD = 17,000 Vietnamese Dong ), as we purchase items in Viet Nam from local markets to support childrens´ needs.

We strive to reach a level of donations that will make a significant impact in the daily lives of those less fortunate, and to give you the opportunity to make a Christmas gift that will make a real, practical difference. The results of the last 10 years showed many smiles, and that keeps us going.

The Scholarship Drive

This is our second initiative, launched in 2012 and it helps keeps indigenous students from dropping out of school. Read more.

The 2018 Team

Emily Fortney, Darcy Higgins, Arun Kumar, Rose Hà Lê, Phong Lê, Vũ Nguyễn,  Tam Vo, Hương Vương

A big thank you to all our volunteers and team members, both on the ground and in Canada, over the past 11 years


Contact Us

Please leave us any comments and/or feedback at onemorestepvn@gmail.com